DBY Slider

The DBY Slider has been built on 5 gorgeous, robust and responsive sliders. We cherry picked the best of the sliders out there, cleaned them up, optimized them, added touch support and packaged into a Joomla module that developers dream of.

The slider above is the Parallax slider placed in the big-slider position, which takes up the full width of the screen. This is a screenshot of the backend.

dbyslider backend

Five gorgeous, robust and responsive slider options, each with numerous sub options.


Drag and drop your slides!


Easily create and reorder your slides using a drag & drop interface.

Easy interface to add, edit or remove slides

Each new slide can be an Image, an Article, a Video. Additionally, you can load in images from a JoomGallery Category. You can use the friendly Add Slide screen below to add a new slide.


It integrates with the K2 Component. Have these responsive sliders within your K2 Item Pages.

Have a look here. All you need to do is choose one of the K2 fields where you type in the folder name of images. The DBY Slider does the rest.

Touch/Swipe support for all sliders.

(ResponsiveSlides.js Slider has touch friendly buttons, but no touch-swipe)

Have YouTube & Vimeo Videos in each slide.

Include Articles as slides (show the intro text and title), with a read more link.

Load a JoomGallery gallery as your source of images!

Using JoomGallery? Well you can use the DBY Slider to showcase those images in a gorgeous, responsive way.