Parallax CSS3 Slider

Responsibly Responsive.

The Parallax Slider was first created by the awesome marylou @ codrops. We've optimized it, and made it into a Joomla module. It powers the slider you see on the frontpage.

There's many ways in which you can use the parallax slider. Another would be the "What Others Say" module you see on the right sidebar. Please visit this page on a mobile device or tablet to experience the fully CSS3 accelerated animation.

  • Powered by CSS3
  • Widths are based on %s so the entire layout is responsive
  • Use when you want to give individual elements their own animation (you can see how this is done in the CSS file). The default animations are quite flashy and should be sufficient in most cases.
  • Touch / Swipe support
  • Have Youtube and Vimeo videos in each slide